We are not ready to go back yet but we are ready to provide a Full Service!

At Full Stop Law, we aren’t taking lock down lightly, we know that our clients will not want to come to our offices for a very long time and likewise, we do not wish to put anyone at risk.  Therefore we’ve adapted quickly and thought long and hard about how we can provide our full range of services but use different methods.  Over the last few weeks, we could have given Bill Gates a run for his money (well maybe not quite) but we are pleased that we have taken on new contact methods quickly and adjusted our business model, to ensure that our clients retain access to Justice but also maintain their well being and also to ensure the safety of our staff.

These are our new initiatives however, they will not be short lived.  We will offer them in lock down and afterwards, whenever that may be.

In addition to our previous services, we will now offer

  1. Free appointments through, Teams, Zoom, Skype, Whats App Video Call, Messenger Video Call and Telephone;
  2. Appointments through Text, Telephone, Email at info@fullstoplaw.com, Facebook and Twitter; and
  3. case appointments through Teams, Zoom, Skype, Whats App Video Call, Messenger Video Call and Telephone.

We are in your hands, tell us what suits you. 

This service will used across our service delivery for Divorce, Children Matters, Wills, Probate and other matters.  You do not have to come to the office, it can be dealt with from your sofa, when you are ready.