Thinking about divorce?    Now Christmas and New Year are out of the way, is this the right time? Is there a right time?

The reality is that there is no good time, but the longer you go on thinking about it, the longer you prolong the inevitable.  If you were happy, you would not be thinking about divorce or separation, and you certainly wouldn’t be reading this!

Separation is a difficult time for everybody and it is natural to worry about how your family will cope, but they will be fine; probably better in the long run, as you will be happy. There is nothing more difficult than being entwined within an unhappy relationship.

Children are extremely resilient and have a fascinating ability to adapt to new situations, as long as they feel secure within them. If you are a parent, you just need your children to see that you are happy, and if that means separating from your partner, then so be it!  It is wise to just get a clear pattern of contact in place, ideally before you leave or just thereafter, so that matters concerning your children are as amicable as they possibly can be and everyone knows where they are.

Financial matters can be slightly more complicated and it is often the fear of this that prevents people from proceeding with a divorce. Fear can be overwhelming and can make you feel alone, which nobody wants. Whatever your financial position, you just need good legal advice so that you can talk through your family’s finances, and know what options are available to you. It is far less scary knowing your options and then making an informed decision than it is to act irrationally and try and resolve the situation after. That being said, whatever stage you are at, there will always be a resolve!

If you want to be the best version of yourself but know you cannot be, if you continue to live as you are, then this is the time.  Whatever this entails, it will be better for you and everyone around you that loves you. Just remember, you are not alone; far from it, you just need to take control of your life by opening up, and speaking to someone who can help and advise you.

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