Family Law


It’s well known that divorce is a stressful event. For some, separation and divorce is the most stressful event they will ever experience which is why you need an expert divorce solicitor that will meet your expectations, explain early in your case whether your approach has merit and, if you are privately funded, keep your costs in check.

Full Stop Law will offer you a package that meets your needs.  There are no hidden costs; we are open, transparent and realistic. From start to finish your case will be dealt with by an expert, and the issues in your case will be explained to you throughout in non-legal speak.

Our family law team are approachable and compassionate, and known for our practical, insightful advice. Our motivation is always to achieve the best possible outcome for you, our client.

We can advise you on whether you qualify for legal aid; if you think you may need our help, act now. Contact Full Stop Law before your spouse does.

Financial Settlement

Whether you are married or living together, often the most important issue on separation is how to settle your finances.  We know that and we are experts in this area, with accreditation through the Law Society.  We will ensure that you have a clear picture of your finances and assets from the beginning, work through solutions with you, provide innovative ways to attempt settlement, and make sure that we have your back at all times. 

Often financial settlement can be complex but our practitioners are advanced in their field and often deal with family businesses, shareholder disputes, pension issues and farming cases.  Nothing fazes us, we know what we are doing so rest assured your case will be dealt with effectively and conclusively.

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Children Matters

Your children are your world. We know that. Unfortunately, disputes over children can happen at any time and it’s essential that their needs are protected. We understand this and we will deal with any matters as quickly as possible, ensuring that the welfare of your children is at the heart of all discussions.

Our family lawyers are experienced in all matters concerning children, from issues about contact to financial provision and care services. We will give you advice that is frank and fair, and we will steer you in the right direction to achieve the best possible outcome.

If social services become involved we know that this can be an anxious time. Above all we will support you and provide the soundest advice to safeguard your children’s interests while making sure your rights as a parent are met.

We can advise you on whether you qualify for legal aid; don’t delay, for professional help contact us now.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse isn’t only about violent behaviour, targets can also experience verbal abuse and feel intimidated and controlled by emotional abuse and financial abuse.

We do not take these issues lightly at all, and our solicitors are experts in this field. We work closely with domestic violence organisations in RCT and in Swansea to provide a first class service to our clients. We will arrange an appointment quickly and tailor your case to address any protection that you and your family need. We know that our clients can be vulnerable so we will ensure that we will become your voice and provide you and your family with the support you need to move on.

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When you start to live together, you don’t imagine your relationship will end – who does?

The ‘common law marriage’ does not exist in legal terms. Do you know what your position would be in the event your relationship breaks down, or on the death of your partner, without an agreement being recorded? Before you find yourself in this uncertain position let us act for you, with legal documentation for protection.

In the event of your relationship ending without protection in place, when you probably wish that you had signed an agreement, we will provide you with sound advice and importantly, knowledge of your rights. We will provide a route for you to reach financial settlement; we will fight your corner, no doubt about that.

We can advise you on whether you qualify for legal aid; don’t delay, for professional advice contact us now.

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