Emily Wales, Legal Assistant at Full Stop Law, talks about welcomed changes on the horizon.

Every year, there are on average 2.4 million reports of victims of domestic abuse.  Domestic abuse is a matter that is increasingly prevalent within Family Court proceedings.

There is currently very little protection that the Court can offer victims of domestic abuse, within Family Court proceedings.  It is often the case, that a victim will have to face their perpetrator before the Court, with limited, or without any protection being offered.   This means that the victim is expected to face their abuser.

It is one of the most common questions that we, as legal representatives are asked on  a daily basis.  What protection do I have in Court?   The sad reality is that there is very little protection is offered to victims within proceedings.  However, the Domestic Abuse Bill will look to change this, by introducing special measures that will be implemented in the Court arena.

With the rise in cases of domestic abuse,  changes are well overdue.   The Domestic Abuse Bill  is currently being passed through the Houses of Parliament, which seeks to change legislation, offering greater protection to vulnerable victims, against perpetrators and ensure that victims are offered the support they need.

The common misconception is that domestic abuse is physical abuse.  This is an outdated definition.  Domestic abuse is more commonly demonstrated by coercive control and emotional abuse.  The Bill will create a clear statutory definition that will incorporate this.

Watch this space!

At Full Stop Law, I deal with cases where victims of domestic abuse are involved in family law proceedings on a daily basis.   I would be more than happy to have a chat, in confidence, if you wish to know your rights and how you can make the change.

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