FREE Domestic Abuse Legal Helpline Launched 04 May 2020  – Call us 07856060066

FREE Domestic Abuse Legal Helpline Launched 04 May 2020 – Call us 07856060066

Victoria Jones, Senior Solicitor at Full Stop Law

Today 04 May 2020, Full Stop Law opened it’s Out of Hours Legal Advice Helpline for domestic abuse victims.  Victoria Jones who heads up the domestic abuse team launched this initiative following an influx in domestic abuse cases at Full Stop Law,since the UK has entered lock down.  Victoria Jones is an accredited member of the Law Society Children Panel and a senior solicitor at Full Stop Law, dealing with domestic abuse cases before the family court on a daily basis.   She is an ambassador for action against domestic abuse and works in partnership with local safety groups, Women’s Aid and Safer Rhondda.

Victoria Jones said “since the third week of March, we have dealt with at least 15 domestic abuse enquiries each week.  We want to ensure that at this time, we are ensuring that any chance, victims of domestic abuse have, they are able to access help quickly so that if they are able, they can take action and know that they will be supported”.    The out of hours helpline will remain open from 5 pm in the evening Monday to Friday to 8 am the next day and over weekends.  The helpline will continue until further notice.

If you know someone who needs help, pass the number on.  Legal Aid is available at our offices depending upon eligibility.


Is there a right time for Divorce ?

Is there a right time for Divorce ?

Thinking about divorce?    Now Christmas and New Year are out of the way, is this the right time? Is there a right time?

The reality is that there is no good time, but the longer you go on thinking about it, the longer you prolong the inevitable.  If you were happy, you would not be thinking about divorce or separation, and you certainly wouldn’t be reading this!

Separation is a difficult time for everybody and it is natural to worry about how your family will cope, but they will be fine; probably better in the long run, as you will be happy. There is nothing more difficult than being entwined within an unhappy relationship.

Children are extremely resilient and have a fascinating ability to adapt to new situations, as long as they feel secure within them. If you are a parent, you just need your children to see that you are happy, and if that means separating from your partner, then so be it!  It is wise to just get a clear pattern of contact in place, ideally before you leave or just thereafter, so that matters concerning your children are as amicable as they possibly can be and everyone knows where they are.

Financial matters can be slightly more complicated and it is often the fear of this that prevents people from proceeding with a divorce. Fear can be overwhelming and can make you feel alone, which nobody wants. Whatever your financial position, you just need good legal advice so that you can talk through your family’s finances, and know what options are available to you. It is far less scary knowing your options and then making an informed decision than it is to act irrationally and try and resolve the situation after. That being said, whatever stage you are at, there will always be a resolve!

If you want to be the best version of yourself but know you cannot be, if you continue to live as you are, then this is the time.  Whatever this entails, it will be better for you and everyone around you that loves you. Just remember, you are not alone; far from it, you just need to take control of your life by opening up, and speaking to someone who can help and advise you.

At Full Stop Law, we offer free initial appointments.  We can put you on the right track but there is no obligation for you to continue to instruct us.    

Call us –  we will set you up for a FREE 20 minute appointment – 01443 238411





Our managing director, Victoria Cannon competed in the Nos Galan Races on New Year’s Eve 2019.  She didn’t start running until the summer of 2018 in a weight loss attempt and set her goal then to run the Nos Galan in 2019.  With a time of 38 minutes to run the 5K track she was more than happy with the result.  Well done VHC!  Onward and upwards and hopefully an improved time in 2020 !


Sophie Lougher Joins Our Family Law Team!

Sophie Lougher Joins Our Family Law Team!

Full Stop Law are pleased to announce that Sophie Lougher has joined our team. 

Sophie trained with Wendy Hopkins Solicitors in Cardiff but then practised with Behr and Co in Cwmbran.  Sophie is an experienced family solicitor, covering Divorce, Children Matters and Separation.   Sophie boasts over 10 years of experience in Family Law.

Victoria Cannon our managing director commented upon Sophie’s new position  “we are delighted that Sophie has joined us and we are looking forward to the future.  We are a growing firm, renowned nationally for family law and Sophie will compliment an already dedicated and talented team.  Sophie brings seasoned skills to the role and her clients will be in safe hands.  We look forward to working with Sophie and to bolster our already strong family law team”.

Sophie will be located at our Pontypridd branch but will also cover Pontyclun, Cowbridge, Cardiff and surrounding areas.    If you wish to contact Sophie, email or call 01443 238411.

CARDIFF SHINE WALK 2019 – £1877.50 raised for CANCER RESEARCH UK

CARDIFF SHINE WALK 2019 – £1877.50 raised for CANCER RESEARCH UK


On Saturday 19 October 2019, five members of Full Stop Law trampled the streets of CARDIFF in a 10K walk for Cancer Research UK.    We pushed the pace and completed the course in under 2 hours.  Some of us had blisters but it was well worth the effort and we secured over £1,800 in sponsorship.

Victoria Cannon our managing director said ” I am so proud of the team, they were really committed to this cause.  Some of us are used to walking but some of our team had aches and pains and couldn’t walk the next day.   It was well worth it however with all of us finishing in under 2 hours.    We are now thinking of the CARDIFF HALF next year but watch this space.  We wish to thank every single one of of our sponsors, you made this possible and we can’t thank you enough.  Each year we fund raise for different causes and each year you show us your support.  We really are grateful.”

Full Stop Law fund raise throughout the year for different causes, some local some national.  If you have know of any worthy causes that we could help, let us know…..





We are entering the CARDIFF SHINE WALK on 19 October 2019 and need your help to meet our target.  Five members of our team will attend, Victoria Jones, Victoria Cannon, Lauren Roche, Keriann Bowsher and Sandra Thomas.  If you can help us to reach our goal please visit

Blister plasters ready – update to follow soon…..